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You are visiting our site now because we are at the top of the page when you Googled “Lawyer Marketing”. In an industry where all a business or a person has to do to call themselves an SEO company is to make a proclamation, it can be difficult to find a company that can truly help you reach your goals. Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. has provided exceptional services since 2009. We launch new brands and reinvigorate those already established. In an industry filled with so much theory and speculation about how a website ranks, we use our own relentless testing and analytical data to guide us. Because our proven strategies deliver clients, attorneys, and law firms across the nation choose LMS for our marketing expertise.

Focus Driven

Our team’s focus is on you, your firm, and delivering an ample Return On Investment (ROI). We take the time to get to know your firm, your target market, and the unique marketing goals you have. In doing so, we craft custom strategies to help you increase traffic and leads, and we always focus on results. We take no shortcuts, as short-term results and longevity are important. While delivering the fast, long-lasting rankings as we cultivate your custom strategy. We simply know what makes the biggest impact, and focus our resources there.


Custom Marketing

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We pride ourselves on our unique marketing approach and take great satisfaction from our in-depth reporting and analytics. When you invest resources in marketing, advertising, and communication, you want to know where your money is going, what is working, and how it impacts the bottom line. We measure your success and provide those numbers. 

Our U.S. based customer service team is comprised of data experts, media scholars, Google AdWords Specialists, web developers, graphic designers, videographers, creative strategists who work with lawyers from coast to coast. Some law firms have us create their advertising campaign and execute it while others use us for brand positioning, social media management, or an integrated strategy. What others call “trending” we execute daily. Not only do we create websites, but we also optimize the user experience by implementing a multi-level marketing approach.

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