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How Can You Brand Your Law Firm?

Posted on: October 29th, 2019

Building and preserving your brand is vital to a law firm. A robust brand results in strong brand reception, influence, and confidence with current and potential clientele. Our Team helps satisfied Attorneys and Law Firms across America with exceptional web design and digital marketing management. Enjoy our complimentary guide on how you can brand your law firm.

Start branding your law firm by asking the following questions:

  1. Who is my target clientele?
  2. What makes my firm different?
  3. What impression do I want my firm to give?
  4. How do I make my clients feel?
  5. How are my competitors branding themselves?

Next, review your answers for inconsistencies. For example, if you’re a criminal defense lawyer that wants to be approachable, but your website is written in a formal tone with legalese, there’s a conflicting brand. Reconciling these inconsistencies is vital before attempting to build your brand concept. Aligning your business objectives, clientele perspective, and brand is critical to your firm’s success. 

Second, consider your brand image. This includes your domain and firm name. Evaluate both carefully, as changing either will result in rebranding efforts. Also, website design and logos are adjustable as trends fluctuate. These elements should always remain simple and correlate to the desired image of your firm. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of branding is your content. Every piece of content created for your website has a direct impact on your brand. Insuring your writers are aware of your brand and understanding your audience is of utmost importance.  This will ensure a steady flow across content.

Lastly, is your social presence. Social media is a beneficial marketing tool for any law firm, and is the perfect platform to share your firm’s story. You can broadcast your brand’s message to a broader audience by creating quality engagement  through relevant content. Social media is also beneficial for monitoring your brand in real time. Here are a few tips for effective branding via social media.

  1. Create a relevant content strategy before pushing your brand on social media. 
  2. Identify the core values that your firm operates by, and convey the message to your audience. 
  3. Brand all images and content to ensure all messaging is in direct correlation with your brand identity.
  4. Share information that benefits your audience.
  5. Your brand is about creating a relationship between your clients while establishing trust and loyalty. Create a message that lines up with your values and makes your audience’s interest a priority.
  6. Be strategic, creative, and engage your audience.

A full branding process will help you develop your brand’s positioning, tone of voice, personality, and brand message. Don’t be fooled into thinking branding is optional. Every firm has a brand, whether you want it or not, and your brand impacts everything you do. 

Proper branding will showcase your expertise, your mission, and your values. Our knowledge of branding procedures will propel all law firms to the forefront. A well branded law firm is an influencer willing to set themselves apart in order to achieve exceptional results. Let our Branding Experts at Lawyer Marketing Services find what makes your firm unique.