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If you are not investing in Pay Per Click (PPC) then your firm is missing out on new clients.  We are here to help you take your marketing to the next level.  Don’t allow wasteful PPC campaigns to hurt your firm.  Let our Google Certified AdWords Specialist put your ads on Google today.  We are a Better Business Bureau A+ rated digital marketing agency helping firms of various sizes achieve their advertising goals.  Our innovative multi-channel strategies and daily monitoring approach provide the best results across all digital platforms.

Geo-Targeting and a well thought out financial strategy lead new clientele to your firm.  Our U.S. team of PPC professionals provide a better ROI because of our efficient monitoring strategies.  Simply put, we provide better results with a lower spend than your competitors.  Our team works one-on-one with you to provide you with access to data that our competitors try to hide.  Having a dedicated team of Google Certified AdWords Specialist allows us to remove the need to rely on faulty automated software or express platforms.  Let our team take you to the next level in your PPC campaign.

Opportunities for Growth

Grow - Lawyer Marketing Services

We audit accounts and discover opportunities for growth and efficiency on a daily basis.  A few problems we frequently encounter include money-draining keywords, poor landing pages, low impression share, and most common is the absence of account management by our competitors.  Many of our new clients have been crippled by a lack of attention.  Allowing us to give your neglected AdWords accounts the maintenance and attention required can produce better results.

From simple campaign audits to in-depth multi-level reporting our dedicated team will help your firm reach clients in the moments that matter the most.  Every audit requires a minimum of twenty hours and the results can be transformative to your firm.  Get new insights for your mobile or desktop campaigns.  Discover your most popular related and long-tail keywords and what is missing from your campaign.  What are your competitors doing that you are not doing?  What keywords are working for them that are taking business from you?  Uncover opportunities to skyrocket your return on investment and get the information you need for Cost Per Click (CPC), volume, and competitive information.

Learn more information about your competitors pay per click strategies and how they are taking clients.  We research what keywords they are bidding on and their budget, traffic volume and ads.  If you are looking to start a campaign, or take your current campaign to the next level, our Certified Google AdWords Specialist are the partners you need.

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Advantages of Pay Per Click

Speed & Visibility

Campaigns usually achieve first page visibility the same day of launch.


Anything from ad text, to geography, to devices (desktops, mobile phones, tablets), even times/days of the week are under our control.

"Fill the Gaps" strategy

In the absence of Fortune 500 digital marketing budgets, most SEO campaign efforts will be limited in keywords and/or geographies, thus leaving a multitude of other valuable keyword/query options that PPC campaigns can be highly effective in capturing where SEO efforts might miss.


Unlike SEO that can take months to achieve first page visibility and ranking, once we launch your Pay Per Click advertising campaign...your brand, message, and call to action will be first page usually that same day.


As a Google Adwords Certified Agency, you can count on the highest standards being upheld and adhered to in your pay per click advertising campaigns by Lawyer Marketing Services

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