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The proper implementation of the science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps keep your firm relevant and is an investment in the future of your brand.  In order to rise to the top, you need to know how to execute the plan to get there.  Let our experienced SEO experts guide you through the process.  When SEO is properly performed and a site is well built it grows your following, builds your brand, and generates leads.  SEO is vital and valuable because of its overall ROI.

Every Law Practice wants their website to rank as high as possible in Google.  It is important to keep your online presence fresh and relevant as information on the internet is ever-changing.  The biggest marketing mistake we see is when law firms built a website and then ignore it.  A busy law firm does not have time to properly maintain their online presence even though it is as important during busy times because it can level out the slow times.  Allow Lawyer Marketing Services to be your marketing arm.  Allow us to do the online busywork that helps to maintain your reputation and brand.

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SEO Optimization - Lawyer Marketing Services

Let’s be honest, not all SEO is equal. The science is complex and ever-changing. What worked yesterday may not work today. We are notified daily of any Google changes, and keep our clients in constant compliance. SEO isn’t one and done. It needs constant observation. Although an initial on-page optimization can last for years, superior SEO is ongoing. The strategies and techniques employed by our professionals follow the latest in best practices while remaining well within Google’s guidelines.  We provided in-depth optimization through proven techniques, which include, website architecture analysis, keyword targeting, winning content strategies, valuable industry citations, and earned links through outreach, just to name a few.  

A critical aspect of Search Engine Optimization is local optimization.  Local SEO is a strategic process that focuses on emphasizing the efforts of local brick and mortar law firms.  The local optimization process is vital to Google and local optimization now plays a huge part in how you show up depending on where an end-user is geographically located in your town.  Two different geographical locations can provide two different results and your site needs to show up for both.  For mobile users, the biggest benefit of proper local SEO is Google will show a call button directly in the local search results.  When executed properly the local SEO will push your firm to the top and a dominant call to action will be the “Call Us” button.

At LMS we always provide the analytics to support our strategies.  Our extensive performance tracking is provided monthly/quarterly to our clients through comprehensive reporting.  Our data focuses on all of the key performance indicators such as keyword ranking, organic sessions, landing page performance, conversion rate, bounce rate, and many other KPI’s.

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