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Marketing Consulting is an ongoing process and should never be a one-time meeting.  At Lawyer Marketing Services we listen and pay close attention to every detail.  Every law firm is differentiated by the team in the firm, local market, competition, and practice areas.  Every law firm requires special attention in order to monitor competitors and the local market.  Our team has developed daily routines and processes that allow us to provide the best optimization and results.  This is all provided through consultation with your team and by monitoring the online data with our proprietary tools.

During your initial free consultation, we will get to know your firm personality and strive to ascertain your growth expectations.  We will conduct a needs assessment that details your online presence and reputation.  Our consultants will share the findings of your online audit and create a custom plan and layout of the services that will best benefit your firm.  Your audit will include an overview of where you stand against your top online competitors.  Also included are your traffic insights as well as website warning/errors we have found.

Your Firm Requires a Unique Partnership

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As our client, your firm requires a unique partnership with Lawyer Marketing Services in order to address specific opportunities and goals.  We recommend having an ongoing open dialogue and collaboration between your firm and our agency.

From the marketing aspect, the growth of a law firm relies solely on two factors.  The steady flow of new clients and high-value cases.  When you are tired of paying for results that don’t meet your expectations call the experts at Lawyer Marketing Services.  Let our team implement a strategy that raises the bar in digital online marketing.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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