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Benefits Of Being Mobile Friendly

Posted on: February 13th, 2020

If you want your firm to succeed, you need a mobile friendly website design. 

Mobile devices have been so ingrained into our routines that consumers reflexively reach for their phones. So, what does the modern consumer want from your website? They want it to be fast, secure, immediately accessible from a mobile device, and full of great, mobile-friendly content. Website usability pertains to your website designs effectiveness, where as the visibility refers to how well the website positions in search engines and how traffic reaches the page. Both go hand in hand. At Lawyer Marketing Services, we understand website can only work well with good usability if it is well placed in search engines. Website usability factors include a user friendly web structure, up-to-date information, easy navigation, and a call to action feature. While visibility factors include web page optimization, link popularity building, and search engine listings.

Streamline Experiences Across Devices 

When someone does a search for any Attorney, they are looking for help. Some will ask family members, or coworkers for advice on who to hire as a Lawyer.  Others may look to Television, Print, or Billboards. But in this day and age, almost everyone is looking on the internet. How do you show up? What page on Google do you show up. People will quickly find the information they need, but can people find your firm on Google. As we see the sale of smartphones on the rise, we can see that More than Two-Thirds of Households access the internet on mobile devices. Having your website show up on a Mobile Device makes it very easy for a client to call you with a click of a button.  If your website is showing the full desktop version, then you are making it hard for people to reach out to you. Not to mention, Google frowns upon this and will use this in a factor when they rank you and your website.

Positive Ranking Signal

Google Rankings are based on Google Algorithms, and having a responsive website is an important step to ensure your website has a positive rank signal. When combined with rich snippets, detailed keyword research, and high-quality content, your ranking signal will become optimized. These adjustments will improve the overall user experience, making your website a useful place for potential clientele to find beneficial information. 

Improved Mobile Conversion Rate

In order to improve the user’s mobile experience, keep mobile information to the point. Make sure to avoid excessive links. Instead provide the information you want seen, on the first fold. When clientele browses through the mobile experience, your firm has the ability to target remarketing, thus keeping the client coming back when in need. By implementing the above strategy you will improve your mobile conversion rate, and retain more clientele.

The web usability and visibility enhancements, of Lawyer Marketing Services custom websites, are highly focused towards a high Return Of Investment (ROI), and making your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more effective for the legal industry.

If you are ready for an effective website that portrays the individuality of your law firm and converts online viewers into clients, contact Lawyer Marketing Services today.