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You Down with PPC? (yeah you know me!)

Posted on: March 20th, 2020

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is a great way to promote your law firm.  PPC is very targeted. Meaning that the people that are searching for your services will find you.  You will often see greater results with qualified leads coming to you, and a greater return on investment.  If your goal of your law firm is to generate phone calls to your office and create awareness about your services, then you should consider starting a PPC campaign.  Not all PPC campaigns are created equal, and caution should be exercised when starting.

There are many ways law firms benefit from PPC advertising. The top benefits of PPC advertising are:

Most likely there are already attorneys and law firms in your city that have PPC campaigns.  You can search this yourself. Simply perform a google search with a practice area in your city.  The first couple of results on the first page and the last results on the bottom of the page is Google’s ad space.  The results show the law firms that choose to target their clients. They are running their own campaigns and are seeing success.

However, if a PPC campaign is not set up efficiently, then money is wasted.  Google is in the business of making money, and if you don’t optimize your PPC account, you could limit your success. The 3 main factors in any campaign are budget, keywords, type of ad chosen.  There are other factors to consider like targeting when, where, and who you want your ad to be displayed to; adding a phone tracking number for quality control; and the call to action you want your client to take.  But before you get into those details, you need to start with the most important step for any campaign. You need to conduct a research audit.

A research audit will show you how your competitors are doing, how much they are spending, your keywords and provide you with a realistic budget to be effective.  It will allow your campaign to start off on the right foot by finding the right balance of all of the factors that can affect your campaign, and help prevent the wasteful time and money spent. Agencies that skip this process or take shortcuts are not looking out for your best interests. Lawyer Marketing Services takes the time needed to evaluate your law firm.  Our Google Certified Ad Words Research Team gathers all of the data, creates and customizes your PPC campaigns, and provide you with detailed and balanced reporting.

Google Ads and Pay Per Click is always changing.  Having a dedicated team to research, setup, and manage your campaign will bring you results in your marketing efforts.  Contact Lawyer Marketing Services Today to get started with PPC.