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What Is SEO for Lawyers?

Posted on: October 6th, 2021

What Is SEO for Lawyers?

What is SEO for lawyers? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies, tools, and activities that help your website become more visible in search engines. Being more visible in searches ultimately means more high-quality traffic to your website. And this traffic (which is full of real people) can become a significant source for new clients.

Lawyers invest in SEO because these days, people use search engines (primarily Google) to find professional services. Over 50% of professional service initial consults start with someone exploring their options in the search.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a specialized form of SEO. It helps those who primarily provide services in a geographic area like Texas, Amarillo, or Upstate New York become highly visible to people in that area. Since many law firms primarily support a certain place, this type of SEO is critical for attorneys.

Google gives preferential treatment to local businesses in search results. So even if you’re a small firm competing against a national law firm, you can outrank them cost-effectively through local SEO. With that said, Google doesn’t automatically give you this visibility. Local SEO for lawyers builds your local authority and online connection to make your site visible to locals.

Benefits of SEO for Lawyers

You might be wondering, don’t pay search ads also make you visible in search? Yes, they do, and search ads can be an important part of your overall law firm’s digital marketing strategy. Paid advertising can help you quickly become visible in search. However, paid search ad prices are typically high, and not every clicker becomes a client. Paid search works best in conjunction with SEO for lawyers.

It does take more time for SEO for lawyers to help your firm scale the ranks of search results. But once you are visible, as long as you maintain it, you can generate a consistent stream of website traffic. This consistent stream will include people who need services now as well as those who may need to consult with you later, so you’re reaching people early before they need services or other law firms have built a relationship with them. Through SEO, lawyers begin building online trust in their communities, which will help a firm grow. Contact our experts at Lawyer Marketing Services, today.