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Valuable Content in Improving SEO

Posted on: July 9th, 2020

As search engines have become more sophisticated through the years, it has had a significant positive side-effect on the quality of content on the internet.

Now, rather than having SEO “fooled” by overuse of keywords and phrases, search engines are far more likely to score sites that provide fresh, relevant, and valuable content higher in their rankings. This is a shift that businesses of all sizes should respect to take full advantage of having their site rated highly. Here are some ways valuable content can help improve your SEO.

Blogs and Podcasts

Blogs and their audio counterparts are a relatively easy way to address current issues affecting your business and the consumers who utilize your products and services. When you start getting mounting questions about the same subject, write a blog on it. Are your viewers looking for free expertise? Provide it yourself or have a guest provide it through a podcast.


Even a short news section updated weekly can help improve your SEO efforts. Make sure stories are timely and dated.


Videos have become a critical component in improving search results. Brief several minute video How To’s, FAQs, Product Demonstration and other tutorials can help you make great strides in rankings.

Connect with Social Media

Take steps to ensure your social media weaves seamlessly through your website and vice-versa. According to Chief Marketing Operator, Crystal Monroe, “Giving your readers and viewers a reason to share your ideas and content will create a return audience”.

Offer Downloadable Content

Improve your digital contact list by offering visitors a free e-book, video series or other content that will have value to them. Visitors will frequently provide contact and other information in exchange for content they perceive has value to them.

Would you like help in building your online reputation through valuable content? We can help. Let’s talk about your business and how our creative, trackable strategies can build your online presence into a lead-generating machine. Contact Lawyer Marketing Services today to start the discussion.