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Tips For Successful Branding

Posted on: November 17th, 2019

The foundation of your law firm is your branding, and Lawyer Marketing Services asks all the right questions.

Is your branding ineffective? Proper branding will showcase your expertise, your mission, and your values. Lawyer Marketing Services offers branding procedures that will propel all law firms to the forefront. A well branded law firm is an influencer willing to set themselves apart in order to achieve exceptional results. How do you want people to perceive your law firm? What sort of reputation do you want for yourself and for your practice? Law firm branding helps distinguish you from your competition and is an important step towards developing client trust. 

Yet, it is a practice that is all too often ignored by attorneys.

The power of a law firm brand can take you far. Branding helps clarify where attorneys should spend their valuable time and energy. Should you devote an extra few hours to revising a document? Or, should you stop your current task and respond immediately to emails? The answer will differ depending on your brand and professional goals. and business development. By standing out from the crowd with a well-crafted brand, you organically attract more clients, projects and opportunities that align with your strengths and goals. An attorney with a strong personal brand will also attract more media attention. When a reporter needs an authoritative quote, they are likely to reach out to a lawyer who has a recognizable personal brand.

For law firms, branding is a deliberate way to stand out from other firms in the same practice area and attract the desired clients.

An attorney’s personal branding works in much the same way. It is a way to let people know what you do, why they should hire you and why they should work with your firm. Content marketing such as blogging can help build your brand. Attorneys can write and publish strategic, high-quality content on various platforms frequented by their target audience. A multitude of personal branding opportunities also exist outside of the digital world. Lawyers can participate in various community organizations, bar associations and networking events to engage with others who would benefit from their skills and experience. The combination of well-managed social media accounts, an up-to-date website, biographical information on various pages and positive articles from respected news outlets can serve to present a credible and compelling personal brand.

Knowing who you are, what you stand for, your professional strengths and what clients can expect when they hire you.

As well as, being able to communicate this clearly and effectively — will be key to your success both in terms of becoming better known internally and externally. In selling professional services, it is more difficult than branding a product—Coke, Tylenol or McDonald’s—because we are mostly selling the talent of people, and not an off-the-shelf product line. Law firms traditionally have lacked the patience to allow a brand to truly find its place in the market. While recognition can be sped up with significant media buys, the reality is that of a long haul approach. A firm’s brand strategy should help to move its business strategy forward. But what if your firm doesn’t have a clearly articulated business strategy, or worse, no business strategy at all? 

You’re not alone.

Law firms have traditionally been very slow to catch up to other professional services in this area. In fact, we’ve found that the more successful the firm, the less likely it is that they have gone through a formal business-planning process. The attitude is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The branding process, when done correctly, often results in getting the partnership to begin the conversation around business strategy and in many cases can help to serve as a foundational blueprint for the firm’s business direction and aspirations. Simplicity is a key piece to branding a small law firm. You want people to be able to be able to easily understand what your firm is about every time they see you logo or interact with your brand. If you have a last name that is long and hard to remember it may be a good idea to simplify the name of your law firm and come up with something different. Simplicity in branding is a great way to give your law firm a very professional and credible look. The professional team at Lawyer Marketing Services has developed a wealth of knowledge dealing specifically with law firms nationwide.

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