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The Big Three Marketing Benefits of Google AdWords

Posted on: August 1st, 2020

It’s no secret that Google AdWords could be claimed as one of the best marketing tools for businesses both large and small. Check out some of the prime advantages of using Google AdWords to market your business.

1. Stay a step ahead of your competitors.

No matter what kind of business it is that you operate, you need to be ahead of your competitors if you want to gain traction online. Google AdWords offers this trademark transparency that can make that idea a lot easier to pull off. It is easy to do a bit of research and see what companies are running ad campaigns with Google and what they are doing. In turn, this gives you the chance to step up your own ad game and get ahead of the pack.

2. Give your brand awareness a boost.

Having your business name positioned in search results is one of the most mindless ways to enhance awareness of your business brand. Of course, using Google Ads is going to give you access to this feature, and it is so simple to do in comparison to how much recognition these ads can garner for your business. In fact, research efforts by Google and Ipsos have shown a 6.6 percent boost in top-of-mind brand awareness.

3. Get consistent performance metrics to use to tweak your strategy.

Once you create an advertising campaign, it is ever-important that you know if it worked. Google makes it super-easy to monitor the performance of your ad campaigns and changes. With AdWords, you will know:

This kind of feedback after creating a marketing strategy can make things simple when you need to do another ad. Unfortunately, you just don’t get this kind of data from a lot of other marketing avenues.