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Find the Best Marketing for your Law Firm

Posted on: March 16th, 2020

There are a lot of marketing services and providers out there. A case could be made that all of them have the ability to benefit you as a Law Firm.  Deciding on a marketing service, platform, or provider can be challenging. Will your website provider work with your social media provider? Does a one size fits all approach going to benefit you in the long run?  Are you using 4 services when 2 will do? With so many options, how do you choose? Having an experienced team of consultants on your side can help clear up these questions. 

Evaluate where you are at.

A great place to start is to evaluate where your firm is at.  The more honest you are about this process, the better the evaluation will be. Are you just starting out?  Do you have an established brand? How do you normally get clients? What is the average income generated per client?  What is the average profit per client? These questions will help to create a baseline report that you can modify and adjust as needed. The evaluation process should include how your clients find your firm, the first point of contact, the first office visit, and any follow through.

What are your goals?

Once you have a good picture of where you are at, the next step is defining your goals.   Do you want to increase your clientele? Is having a successful trial record a priority? Do you want to remain a solo practice or grow with partners? Your answers will help narrow down your marketing solutions.  This will also help you choose marketing that will grow with you. You don’t need everything under the sun to succeed. You can have a plan in place with measurable benchmarks so you can only use what will benefit your goals now.. As you reach your goals and attain success, this will need to change and be reevaluated.

Quality, Time and Money

We have been taught that when it comes to Quality, Time and Money we should pick 2.  Conceding that we need to sacrifice one option to successfully attain the others. The main 3 factors are as it relates to Attorney Marketing are:

  1. Your Marketing can be done Quickly
  2. Your Marketing can be done at a Low Cost
  3. Your Marketing can be at a High Quality

As a deeper breakdown we can use the following statements:

  1. Cheap & Quick Marketing will equal Low Quality Marketing
  2. Cheap & High Quality Marketing will equal Low Priority Marketing
  3. Fast & Great Marketing will equal Expensive Marketing

There is no reason that you can’t have a balanced approach when it comes to Quality, Time and Money.  The professionals at Lawyer Marketing Services can help you navigate the overwhelming marketing choices and help design a custom marketing strategy that will benefit you now, and into the future. Call us at 918-409-2101 today to get started.