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Showcase Your Firm

Posted on: December 2nd, 2019

Showcase Your Firm With A Social Media Presence

A profound tool to your law firm’s online marketing strategy is social media implementation. Law firms that serve the general public have ample experience in serving and supporting people during times of crisis. You do this in person, with your clients on a regular basis. Social media provides a platform where your firm can serve and support their communities while increasing awareness of your brand. Lawyer Marketing Services offers the most competitive Social Media Management pricing in the industry. Our brilliant and dedicated Social Media Team will develop an effective strategy and execute it in order to increase your brand recognition earning higher conversion rates and profits.

Having a strong presence on various platforms showcases your experience in real time. By promoting various causes and being a part of the conversation, you can develop top-of-mind awareness among groups of people with whom you want to connect. Cultivate a relationship with your audience today. Because social media provides news for the American public, sharing and commenting on relevant news stories will increase the authority of your law firm.

Law Firms and Charitable Events

If your firm is hosting a charity dinner to benefit an organization or cause, add a page to your website describing the event, taking donations and selling tickets. Promote the event on social media, sharing it with as many of your followers as possible. Naturally, those who care about the cause will share your event with their friends and followers on social media platforms and, perhaps, link to your event page from their own websites, expanding your digital footprint. In turn, improving your site’s ability to rank and appear in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Many law firms are involved with ongoing charitable and philanthropic efforts. Through involvement in these types of activities, firms have a chance to benefit while benefiting their communities, organizations that do good and individuals who need assistance. When national disasters and/or local tragedies occur, law firms often get involved. Lawyers are known for initiating and promoting efforts to gather donations of money and supplies, and in some cases, they volunteer their labor to assist victims. 

Niche Marketing For Lawyers

Having a performance driven Social Media campaign can be fundamental to adding new clients and increasing revenue. While people may not remember a law firm billboard; they will likely remember the firm that sponsored a 5K for their favorite charity. If you are not active on social media you are missing wonderful opportunities to retain new clientele, create relationships, grow brand awareness and increase website traffic. Every law firm has the opportunity to build goodwill within communities. When you get involved in your community and promote good causes and activities that benefit various groups, you naturally create conversation and activity online. That activity can benefit your firm’s website in the form of visits, links, citations, social media interaction and brand mentions. Social media is not about posting daily but is more about creating a daily strategy that targets the clientele you are looking for.  Proper use of social sites, creative messaging and picture images your future clientele can learn about your practice areas and see your success.

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