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SERP and SEO: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019

Optimize SERP Through Valuable SEO

Where your website shows up on Google, Chrome, and Bing is significant to your law firm. Thanks to Google, updates such as Penguin and Panda have transformed SEO into a modern comprehensive strategy encompassing branding, keywords, and content. SERP, also known as, Search Engine Results Page can be achieved through SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. When your firm or website achieves number one on Google potential clientele are exposed to your firm in greater numbers. Not to mention with online visibility comes credibility. Google positioning influences the amount of clientele your firm retains monthly. According to Forbes, Google holds 80% of the worlds search engine shares. While WordStream reports, 50% of search queries made consist of at least four or more words. Therefore, determining what keywords are being used by your marketing niche is just as paramount as cultivating keyword-rich content.

Multi-Tiered SEO to Stay Competitive Against Position Zero SERPs 

As technology has evolved over the last decade, so has the way search engines provide users with information, and web search engine result pages (SERPs) are constantly advancing.  A multi-tiered digital SEO approach is the most beneficial to any law firm. From geotargeting and relevant content too optimizing Google’s Position Zero, also known as the “featured snippet block”. Position Zero allows for optimized brand recognition and is located at the top of Google Search, directly under Google Pay Per Click AdWords, and before the organic search. This feature will appear in searches that asks, how, why, when, what, who, and where. They can be shown through a table, paragraph, video, or list. Every successful law firm has a comprehensive and aggressive SEO strategy in place in order to build your firm search appearance and brand mindfulness on Page One on Google, and this should include Position Zero.

SEO takes proprietorship for Google traffic, regardless of which SERP components it originates from.

To be focused in the realm of zero position SERPs, SEO Strategists must arrange a wide range of various SEO sources to command Position Zero on Page One of Google. Which includes the following:

Comprehend the Challenge of Competitive SERPs 

We’re beginning to see a wide range of media components in positioning. The organic position one is currently ranked behind highlighted bits, media components, maps, and advertisements.  These components are also known as “position zero” since they outrank even the top natural results. There are multiple considerations to improve your competitive SERPS. These include:

Importantly, we always provide the analytics to support our SEO/SERP strategies.

Our extensive performance tracking is provided, monthly/quarterly, to our satisfied clients through comprehensive reporting. Our data focuses on Organic Research and Rankings, Organic Sessions, Landing Page Performance, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, and other Key Performance Indicators. To find out more about our SEO Packages call Lawyer Marketing Services today at (918) 409-2101.