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Predictive Analytics

Posted on: February 7th, 2020

Managing your data with predictive analytics helps with operational efficiencies, competitive benchmarking and other valuable insights.

If you don’t have rigorous management of your data you are missing opportunities to gain a complete view of your client, online performance and trends. A part of our strategy is to fully understand your firm. After deep research and discovery we collaborate with you to develop a customized data management strategy. Implementation is where we connect your goals and our strategies with specific data management tactics to make it happen.  Optimization is achieved through the hard work our team provides on a daily basis ensuring your site performs as planned. Our data analyst plan performance and continually fine-tune the details while achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and adjusting those indicators as the online marketplace changes.

Predictive marketing analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that harnesses all that big data to predict future events or results. It integrates various techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to process and analyze various data sets for the purpose of developing predictions. 

Personalizing Content

Being proactive about the right client opportunities (i.e., those that are predicted to have the most value right now) is the key to driving higher sales revenue and customer satisfaction. Pair this with writing and publishing strategic high-quality content on various platforms frequented by your target audience and you have optimized the user journey. The three parts of the journey are as follows:

  1. Informational

  2. Navigational

  3. Transactional

As a brand, your firm must ensure it’s in front of the customer. This is achieved by understanding your media touch points throughout the client’s journey, how it impacts the journey, and how to measure it. Knowing these variables will drive your firm’s long-term growth.

Customer Behavior Modeling

Customer behavior fashions are generally based on the ethical information mining of client data. Each model is designed to answer one question at one point in time. For example, a client model can be used to predict what a potential group of clientele will do in response to a specific advertising action. If the predictive model is sound and the marketer follows the guidelines it generates, then the marketer will study that a majority of the customers in the group behaved as envisioned through the model. Using predictive analytics can enable a law firm to understand exactly which target group they should be marketing to. 

Targeting Services

Analyzing consumer habits is now done in real time. Marketing has become a digital enterprise, and predictive analytics is one of its principal tools. Going back to data mining, as publishers gather more and more data about their visitors, it’ll enable them to serve up more and more relevant advertising. Imagine being able to target people based on the articles that they’ve read or based on a lookalike audience of your ideal reader. Predictive analytics provides your firm with this capability. 

As a company our top goal is to achieve every client a significant ROI (Return On Investment). Just as important is the ability to provide our clients every metric that provides insights into what affects their law firm. Instead of just sharing the numbers, we explain all insights gathered from our analysis. We’ve reached an era where the majority of people are digitally adept and savvy. They know they have a world of options at their literal fingertips, and can thusly hold brands to the highest of standards. Our metrics provide the optimal opportunity to discuss your brand goals, break down complex topics and barriers, including campaign results and progress. Our metrics provide the insights and suggest action-oriented next steps. We aim is to consistently provide marketing strategies founded on personalization, with authenticity, and transparency as cornerstones to our analytics. 

According to Marketing Operator Crystal Monroe, “Complementing big data sources with prospective data may be necessary if predictive analytics are to achieve their full potential to retain clientele for your law firm.” Are you ready to see if your website and Google Ad Words account is living up to its full potential?

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