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PPC And The Value Of Research

Posted on: May 4th, 2020

Any marketing company can say “Sure, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) works, send us your money”. How it performs is another question.

Let’s discuss PPC And the value of research. With a “Smart Campaign,” other marketing firms often set your account, only to forget it. PPC is based on algorithms and is ever-changing. Simply put, Pay-Per-Click is an online marketing platform where you bid on keywords as it relates to your practice areas. When someone searches for your services in Google, the top results always display the “Ads” or PPC results. Poorly optimized Ads result in a wasted budget.

Our Certified Google Certified AdWords Specialists understand multiple aspects of research must be executed. From launching a new campaign or rescuing an existing campaign, research is everything. The research our Team dedicates to every campaign avoids wasting your money.

Keyword Research

Since Google charges for every click, irrelevant keywords can unnecessarily drain your budget. Another futile PPC mistake is keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing includes putting high amounts of keywords in an ad in an attempt to manipulate the ad’s ranking in Google search results. Avoiding mistakes like this will likely cause you to avoid a Google penalty to the placement of your ad. Our in-depth keywords research and placement ensures your never wasting money.

Negative Keyword Research

While comprehensive research is crucial to success; negative keyword research is just as valuable. Negative keywords prevent your ads from being shown to users looking for a specific keyword or key-phrase. Considering Google charges you a Cost-Per-Click, having irrelevant keywords can become costly. Refusing to implement negative keyword research guarantees you will squander your budget. By implementing negative keywords within your campaign you can avoid spending money on your ad being exposed to people not searching for your services. When you have the proper negative keyword implementation you improve the overall quality of your ads including:

Competitor Research

When marketing a legal service it’s just as important to understand your competitors as it is your audience. Lawyer Marketing Services acquires the competitor information needed to create a fully optimized campaign. First, our Team starts with your competitor impression shares, and analyzes the quality of each ad. Next, we evaluate your competitors outranking share bidding to establish a realistic monthly budget. Lastly, we cross reference your competitor’s keywords with our research while removing all wasteful key-phrases and negative keywords as necessary . 

According to Certified Google AdWords Specialist Crystal Monroe, “Implementing the proper research will propel your Pay-Per-Click efforts in the right direction.” 

If you would like to focus your attention solely on your practice area contact Lawyer Marketing Services. Let our Team create and execute an innovative and winning Google AdWords Campaign for your law firm.