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Marketing Success for Attorneys

Posted on: November 15th, 2019

The Days of YellowPages are Yesteryear.

While the legal marketing is ever evolving, access to the law marketplace is now primarily online. Lawyer Marketing Services is happy to offer attorneys a winning marketing strategy that consists of a multi-tiered approach. This includes your website, SEO, reputation management, and Pay Per Click. We will highlight the benefits of each of these services offer your law firm. 

A Custom Website

Website usability pertains to your website designs effectiveness, where as the visibility refers to how well the website positions in search engines and how traffic reaches the page. Web design is crucial to the success of any law firm. Your website is the first impression and a  reflection of your core values. In most cases, a law firm’s website design is the first influencer towards building client trust. From our mobile friendly usability, design aesthetic, increased visibility, an elevated Google placement, and value; each website is a masterpiece in its respective industry, and something to be inspired by. Websites today have progressed to more than two or three pages. Our designs not only grab your visitors attention, but also provide them with the information they need at first glance. While our amazing designs are aesthetically pleasing, they are just as importantly usable. Our web usability and visibility enhancements are highly focused towards a high Return Of Investment (ROI), and making your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more effective for the legal industry.

SEO Optimization

Every company wants their website to rank as highly as possible on Google. It’s important to keep your online presence fresh and relevant, as things on the internet are ever changing. The biggest mistake professionals make is having a website built, only to ignore it. That’s where LMS comes in. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines continue to update and refresh its key algorithms periodically. SEO isn’t one and done. It needs constant observation. Although an initial on-page optimization can last for years, superior SEO is ongoing. The strategies and techniques employed by our professionals follow the latest in best practices, while remaining well within Google’s guidelines.  We provided in-depth optimization through proven techniques, which include, website architecture analysis, keyword targeting, winning content strategies, valuable industry citations, and earned links through outreach, just to name a few.  

Manage Your Reputation and Use Your Online Presence

Online marketing is a powerful way to reach potential clientele and retain their business. But, the same online resources that help legal consumers find you are also used to express dissatisfaction with a law firm’s services. The first step towards marketing success consists of a proactive strategy for online reputation management. Many of your clients are coming to you in dire situations, and choosing an attorney is a consequential decision. In this moment they are looking for expertise. 

If your strategy for managing reviews isn’t solid, you risk losing out on case leads. However, a smart Reputation Management approach can turn your online ratings into a tool for attracting more clients and cases. Here are three tips for improving your Reputation Management Strategy. 

How To Get More Reviews

The simplest approach to requesting a review is by encouraging satisfied clientele to review your firm. Always remain honest and ethical in order to avoid leading clients about what to say. Directly make a polite request for a review and leave it at that.

Turn A Negative Review Into A Positive

All reviews need responses, negative and positive. Your reputation will take a huge blow if negative reviews are left unanswered. By responding to all reviews your concerned tone and professionalism projects that you listen to and care about clients. Your respectful response casts doubt for other readers about the seriousness of the negative reviewer’s story. There is a respect for those who refuse to run from criticism. 


Once your website is established and you are providing the user with the information they are looking for, consider Google AdWords, otherwise known as Pay-Per-Click. A Google AdWords account audit can help you discover opportunities for growth on a daily basis. A few problems our Team frequently encounters include money draining keywords, poor landing pages, low impression share, and most common the absence of account management. Accounts can be crippled by lack of attention. Unlike SEO that can take months to achieve first page visibility and ranking,

Pay-Per-Click can yield the same day results your firm needs.

A decade ago law firm clientele was often by referral and word of mouth. Through the evolution of the technological era, digital marketing became a necessity. According to Marketing Operations Manager Crystal Monroe, “As digital marketing evolves through technological advances our assiduous Teams commit to the continual learning of marketing practices and consumer rules implemented by the Fair Trade Commission. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than seeing our clients’ businesses grow, and your bottom line is our top priority. From building mobile-friendly websites to generating leads through SEO, branding, social media, and Pay Per Click, we are the professionals to help strengthen your image and generate more business online.”

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