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Make Your Website Work For You

Posted on: May 11th, 2020

First and foremost, you retain ownership of all digital products we create, with no contract.

Web design is crucial to the success of any law firm, and the message of your business is reflected in the layout, colors, photos, videos, and details presented on your site. All elements of your website design have an effect with how people interact with your firm, and we make your website work for you. Your website is the first impression and a  reflection of your core values. In most cases, a law firm’s website design is the first influencer towards building client trust. Your professionalism and authority as an attorney must be conveyed through your firm’s website.

At Lawyer Marketing Services, we understand a website can only work well with good usability if it is well placed in search engines.

Website usability factors include a user friendly web structure, up-to-date information, easy navigation, and a call to action feature. While visibility factors include web page optimization, link popularity building, and search engine listings.

In order to improve the user’s mobile experience, keep mobile information to the point.

Make sure to avoid excessive links. Instead provide the information you want seen, on the first fold. When clientele browses through the mobile experience, your firm has the ability to target re-marketing, thus keeping the client coming back when in need. By implementing the above strategy you will improve your mobile conversion rate, and retain more clientele.