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How Is Your SEO?

Posted on: October 30th, 2019

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has many different meanings if you search the internet.  When the concept of SEO was introduced, it did not take long for people to exploit the system and trick the search engines.  In the past it was about stuffing the most keywords so you can rank higher. This led to the internet searches filled with spam. When online advertising started, it also added to the confusion.  Google stepped in with updates and ever since, our searches have improved. As the search algorithms change every year, your website must change in order to stay searchable.

Content is King” and the foundation of any SEO management should be centered around your content.  Michael Preymoore, SEO Manager at Lawyer Marketing Services, Says “Google Loves Fresh, Relevant, Content” he also noted “Content should never be a one time event when you create your website. The more quality content you add will help establish your SEO, and Google takes note.”  Content plays a big part in SEO, but there also are other factors that make up your SEO.

Mobile Devices

Starting July 1, 2019 Google enabled mobile-first indexing.  The very fact that Google made this change lets you know how important it is for your website to adjust to this change.  Is your Device Mobile Friendly? What do you see when you visit your website on your phone? More importantly, what is the backend code that google sees?  Simply looking at your website from a mobile device is not good enough. You code has to match. With more and more people searching with their phones, you need to make sure your website is able to work correctly for both the desktop and mobile devices.

Know how your Clients Search

The first place people often start the search is with Google.  They usually ask a question like “Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer near me”  Google will render the results. They will include both paid results (Pay Per Click) and organic results.  In the past Google would just display the results and be done with it.  What is different now is Google is looking at the journey of the user and not just displaying the answers to the questions.

On their journey, they will often click on several websites from a Google Search.  How long they visit the website, what pages they visit, and the interaction with the website is all tracked using cookies.  Even if they search from their cell phone and then search from the desktop, Google will keep track of it all. If they happen to search for the same result the next day or so, Google will provide better results based on the previous information gathered.  This is why it’s important to have a clear and concise message on your website.

Content should be for Humans

This seems like a no brainer. Surprisingly there is  a lot of content trying to spoof the search engines. Content that was once great for search engines because of spammy keywords, are now penalized by Google with their updates.  This is usually a result of marketing companies failing to address the changes with Google. Your content should not be filled with to much legalize to confuse the public and at the same time you should remain educated and professional.  It’s a fine line.

Look at your traffic

Each website has the ability to track itself and provide you with detailed information on the performance. Google Analytics is a free tool that allows website owners the ability to view historical and real time data.  You can use this information to see where people are ending up on your website. If there is a page that people are going to more than others, you should create additional content to supplimit the most viewed pages..  This can raise the quality of your SEO on your website and attract more visitors.

Stay Up to Date

Google changes all of the time.  In 2019 alone the algorithm has changed 7 times.  Google has even incorporated machine learning. It is diffulicate for any website to know how the changes in Google will effect them.  Lawyer Marketing Services has the right people and tools in place to address the changes when they happen. Because we manage hundreds of Attorney Websites, we are able to adapt very quickly when these changes happen.  Staying on top of Google can be time consuming for anyone. Let the SEO team at Lawyer Marketing Services help you at achieving the best SEO for your website.