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Help Your Law Firm Stand Out

Posted on: December 18th, 2019

Lawyer Marketing Services offers consulting services exclusively to help your law firm stand out.

With clients from coast-to-coast we offer a decade of experience working with law firms on strategic plan formulation, review and implementation. Our in-house assessments are designed to align our strategist with the inner workings of your firm. This assessment is an in-depth overview of all departments, personnel, and infrastructure with input from firm partners. It allows our team to get to know you and your vision providing a strategic plan that establishes clear direction for your firm and sets specific priorities to achieve your goals. Plans made only a few years ago may no longer be relevant in today’s dynamic and ultra-competitive environment. We have managed hundreds of research projects for law firms involving strategic planning, strategic investment, and competitive analysis. We understand converting business intelligence into strategy and action requires a sound understanding of the circumstances.

This includes trends driving the legal market and the industry segments your firm serves. 

Is your law firm operating like a true business? Do you have a vision and plan for growing your firm? Do you know the law industry benchmarks? Do you know how you are performing? Do you have a plan for key players?  Are your marketing efforts actually working? 

Lawyer Marketing Services is the premier law firm management consulting practice that focuses on your success.

We do not rely solely on weekly or monthly phone calls to discuss your problems. We help identify obstacles in your organization, develop a plan of action, and coach your team on how to achieve the results. We assess the details of how you run your firm, and tailor packages that will maximize your potential. Using the experience and insights we have gained over the years, we know what needs to be done to grow your practice and we know what works pertaining to law firms profitability and efficiency, strategic planning, and marketing. All while finding out how the operations of your firm measure up to your competitors. Our clients have found that it is invaluable to have seasoned, objective persons with law firm operations know-how, like us. We assist you with every step of growing your firm in the most effective and productive way possible.

Our experts offer more than advice.

We pinpoint specific problem areas and find the best solution. We invest in our client’s successes and build a client relationship that honors what lawyers do. Our consultation procedures includes:

As our client, your firm requires a unique partnership with Lawyer Marketing Services in order to address specific opportunities and goals.

We recommend having an ongoing open dialogue and collaboration between your firm and our agency. From the marketing aspect of the growth of a law firm relies solely on two factors.  The steady flow of new clients and high value cases. When you are tired of paying for results that don’t meet your expectations call the experts at Lawyer Marketing Services. Let our team implement a strategy that raises the bar in digital online marketing. 

Contact Lawyer Marketing Services today to Be Exclusive and let our Team help your law firm stand out.