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Does PPC Work For Attorneys?

Posted on: October 31st, 2019

The Yellow Pages was a very cost effective way to advertise your firm decides ago. It was cheaper than television or radio, and established your firm in your city.  The internet has changed everything. No longer can you just have a website or an email address to compete in today’s advertising world. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords is the go-to platform.  

What is Pay Per Click?

Simply put, PPC is an online marketing platform where you bid on keywords as it relates to your practice areas.  When someone searches for your services in Google, the top results always display the “Ads” or PPC results. Try it for yourself.  Search for a “Car Accident Lawyer” and you will see many attorneys show up in the top results. Depending on how the Ads are set up, you may see different results.  For example when you try “Car Wreck Attorney” you will most likely see different results. Keep in mind, each time someone clicks on the ad, it cost money.

Why PPC?

PPC is designed to reach potential clients in the middle of their need.  You show up in the results at the time someone is searching for answers. Other forms of advertising often provide a wide net in the hopes someone will call your office or stop by for help.  When it comes to PPC ads, people can call you in the middle of searching. Meaning you have a better chance of landing a client during their search for help.

PPC for lawyers should be slightly targeted. Broadly advertising as a Personal Injury Attorney will provide you with mixed results. However, if you specialize in a niche field, such as dog bites, then you can target the searches toward those quality searches. This will, most likely, provide you with a better quality lead when they contact your office, thus improving the success rate of your campaign. Honing in on your target audience will help you retain clientele through your campaign. As an example, you could target Dog Bite Injuries Females ages 40-65 that live in 12345 zip code and search from 2pm-8pm. Keep in mind, targeting can be as broad or niche as you like. 

Get The Most Out of PPC

Anyone can get started with a Google AdWords Account. To make it easier, Google has changed the “Adwords Express” into “Smart Ads”.  After answering some simple questions, and setting your budget Google can build your campaign for you. While this has added more users to the ad words system, you will not have the full range of tools and controls. By opting to do it yourself with a “Smart Campaign”, you are allowing Google to manage your monthly budget and waste your marketing dollars.

Managing PPC on your own can be very time intensive with a high learning curve. You should consider using a Team of experts to manage your Google AdWords campaign. The Team at Lawyer Marketing Services is comprised of Certified Google Adwords Specialists who are able to get the most value out of your budget, leading to a greater ROI for your monthly spend.  We take the time necessary to fully research your practice areas, your keywords, and the budget required to produce satisfactory results. Our professionals have daily access to how your competitors are doing, and we continually analyze your data, adjusting the subtitles of your campaign. 

Does PPC Work for Attorneys?

Any marketing company can say “Sure, Google AdWords works, send us your money”.  How it performs is another question. As for a “Smart” Campaign, other marketing firms often set your account, only to forget it. PPC is based on algorithms and is ever changing. You never want your results left to chance because what is working now and producing results, may not do so in the future. Lawyers and ad agencies are now competing for the keywords you need, so having a Team at your disposal to delve into thorough research is vital.

PPC works at its best, if it is setup and managed correctly from the beginning.

We often inherit campaigns from our clients that other marketing firms have failed to properly maintain. When this happens we regularly see that the campaign is setup with incorrect keywords. This basic mistake is an indicator to look deeper into the account. When we apply our in-depth research, we fine tune your ads to perform at an optimized level, while producing new clientele. 

If you are used to spending $5,000 a month on Television, Radio and Billboards it is difficult to tell how your client found you. Certified Google AdWords Specialists Michael Preymoore says, “Most media agencies don’t like to share the real world data as they know they really can’t prove how many people are aware of your firm. With PPC, you know exactly how they got to you along with very detailed analytics.” 

Contact Lawyer Marketing Services today to see how a Pay Per Click Campaign can work for you.