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Content & SEO

Posted on: May 18th, 2020

Content & SEO

If you have a website, it’s likely you have spent a great deal of time and money to get it right. From the marketing aspect, the growth of a law firm relies solely on two factors. The steady flow of new clients and high value cases. Where your website shows up on Google, Chrome, and Bing is significant to your law firm. Lawyer Marketing Services Inc. understands having the most expensive website design and development will not be beneficial if you’re not constantly updating fresh content to it. 

When your firm or website achieves number one on Google potential clientele are exposed to you in greater numbers.

Google crawls thousands of websites each hour, and it knows if yours is not updated. When you add content to your website, you are providing useful information for the world to see. Google will check if there are any changes on your website, and updates the database accordingly. Having relevant and new content on your website will provide value to your visitors. When a website visitor finds an article or blog on your site, you enable them to make an informed decision about whether or not they will use your services. By keeping outdated information off your website through always adding fresh content you help establish your law firm as an expert in the local community.

It’s not enough just to overload your website with content. 

Stuffing the right keywords into your content can even have an adverse effect if your content is not relevant.  By having relevant content, you are able to provide useful information to anyone who is searching for answers to their questions. Being relevant means that you are intentionally providing the right kind of information and leaving non-relevant content off of your site. By offering this information, you are enabling the web user to optimize the experience of their journey to finding a lawyer. 

According to Chief Marketing Operator Crystal Monroe; “The proper implementation of content Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps keep your firm relevant, and is an investment into the future of your brand. When SEO is properly performed and a site is well built it grows your following, builds your brand and generates leads. SEO is vital and valuable because of its overall ROI. Having relevant and new content on your website will provide value to your visitors.” 

At LMS we always provide the analytics to support our strategies.

Our extensive performance tracking is provided monthly/quarterly to our clients through comprehensive reporting. Our data focuses on all of the key performance indicators such as keyword ranking, organic sessions, landing page performance, conversion rate, bounce rate and many other KPI’s. Contact Lawyer Marketing Services Inc. today for a complimentary website audit.