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Buzzword: SEO

Posted on: January 28th, 2020

Buzzword SEO

Remember when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a buzzword?  Many years ago only a handful of the population knew what it meant and even a smaller amount of people knew how to correctly apply it.  From companies promising you will get to the top of a search result to building websites to game the system, many different industries have started because of SEO.  The idea of SEO has even changed. Gaining a lot of links to your website was the thought process for the beginning phases of SEO. Now it’s more about the user process or journey to find what they are looking for.  How can your SEO be more than a buzzword? Let’s find out.

SEO Basics

What your website says and the unseen code on the backend has a great effect on your rankings in Google.  This is what Google uses to search or crawl your site. In the past, web developers knew by adding a few lines of code using blackhat techniques to your website and bypassing the guidelines set by Google would get those websites to the first page of Google.  This worked for a while. And it seemed like websites were able to trick Google. But after a series of updates, Google changed all of this. Websites that where number 1, page one where now Page 20 or worse, banned from being listed.

Google is always adapting and changing how it displays search information by using algorithm updates to improve search results. A full history can be found on Moz’s Website.

Evaluate your Site

It’s good practice to evaluate your own website.  Invite someone who has not looked at your website before ,and get their input as well.  This will help you understand your clients journey as they search for you on the internet.  Some of the things you want to look for when evaluating your site are:

SEO Strategy

To start, you need to make sure your pages have the correct on-page optimization.  Do the pages on your website, and the code behind them helping you or hurting you? Making sure your pages are using the correct research and keywords as well as page titles and meta descriptions.  You also need Local SEO Optimization. Google looks how the content and website will help the local user. If you have ever searched for a restaurant near you on your phone, you will see a list and maybe some map locations.  Google displays that information using Local SEO Optimization from the website. It’s the same way for Attorneys.

More than a Buzzword

We are inundated on a weekly basis from companies wanting help us with SEO  Often promising that they can get us to number 1 on Google. This often will lead to costly errors and even plenties from Google.  SEO is never a one time event when you build your website. To be effective, it has to be an ongoing and changing process. Changing when Google changes, and preparing for the future of searches.  To learn more, visit our SEO Page.  To see how your SEO is on your website, you can schedule a website audit as well.