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5 Tips For Social Media

Posted on: November 22nd, 2019

Running a law practice is hard enough and adding Social Media into the mix can produce mixed results.  How can you stand out from the crowd in Social Media?  We are here to answer that question, and provide you with 5 Tips for Social Media Management.

Claim Your Accounts

If you did not know it, your business has many social media accounts.  Hopefully, you know about them and have control of them. Most unclaimed profiles are set up by the platform as a way to help the user.  Think of this as a yellow page listing. Only now, the public can freely edit the details such as website and phone numbers if a listing is unclaimed. As you can see, it can be damaging to your practice and your future if you don’t claim them 

If you are unaware of your Unclaimed Business Listings, it’s a good idea to perform a search on your business name. 

If you are a Solo Practice, make sure you are looking for yourself as your business, as opposed to your personal social media accounts.  It is best to keep them separated. Once you have found them it’s time to claim them as your own.

The claiming process begins by going to your Social Media Platform. Each platform, such as Facebook and Google have different methods. Most likely you will need to attach your office phone number so you can enter the verification code. In some cases, like Google, they will send a card with a code to enter so you can verify your business. After verification, you will be able to update your profile and make sure everything is correct. Each platform has support and training materials so you can get the most out of being listed. Once you have finished claiming your platforms, you should Protect your Social Media Accounts.

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Before you begin to write content for your Social Media Profiles, it is best to come up with a process so you are planning your work and executing your plan. So many fail in this area. You need to decide how active you or someone in your firm will be on Social Media. It is also best to schedule 2 weeks out your content so you are ahead of the game. This will also leave room should you need to make any social media announcements and/or changes.

Content is King

Your content should be helpful to the reader.  It’s a fine balance between providing helpful content to the reader, and selling them on contacting you for services. Overall, you should establish your firm as the expert in your practice areas. Take the “fly on the wall” moments from your office. Show where someone’s life has changed because of your efforts. Provide information that can help others. This will help shed the human spotlight on your practice while highlighting your accomplishments.

Respond to Questions

We live in a society where we expect an answer as soon as we ask a question. This is how Google got its start. Social Media Platforms make it easy for people to ask questions of businesses. When someone asks you a question online, they are reaching out to you. And they expect an answer.  Most likely if you don’t respond they will find the answer elsewhere. Be the answer. If the answer is something that you should not get into online for the public to see, invite them to call your office to discuss business. This will also show the public that you care about people, and are accessible.

Respond to All Reviews

We all like positive reviews. Word of mouth testimonies cost us nothing, and are proof that we had a favorable experience with our clients. Likewise, negative reviews can affect your core business and cost clients. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The key is in the response.

When you have a positive review thank the client publicly and respond to the review.  Let them know that you are happy that they had a great experience with them. Sometimes people don’t take the time to leave positive reviews, only negative ones. When you receive a negative review, you must respond in a positive manner. It’s helpful to apologize to them, even if it’s not your fault. Address each issue, but instead of hashing it out online, invite them to continue the conversation offline. Responding to negative reviews shows your public audience that you are engaged with your clientele, even after the case is over.

In For The Long Haul

Social Media Marketing should never be set it and forget it.  You should constantly make updates to your social media profiles. This will show the public that your firm is active and engaging. It will also help drive traffic to your website and phone calls to your office. If you Need Help with Social Media, we are here for you.

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