It’s nearly impossible to have a successful firm in the 21st century without a website, but just having a website isn’t enough. Great, influential firms have a customized marketing plan that gets them in front of the clients and customers they want. More importantly, great firms put plans and marketing strategies in place that make them relevant.

We use a checklist to determine whether our potential clients are making their brand relevant. Go through this checklist. How many of these list items is your firm doing?

  1. Is your business mobile friendly?
  2. Is your site layout simple and free of clutter?
  3. Do you have a monthly social media strategy?
  4. Do you post more than once a week on multiple platforms?
  5. Do your site and business have clear sales funnel?
  6. Do you have a brand strategy that highlights your brand’s uniqueness?
  7. Is your website’s design less than a year old?
  8. Does your site have videos?
  9. Is your website up to date with Google’s SEO standards?
  10. Have you posted fresh content within the last 30 days?


When going through this checklist, did you find areas that you’re not doing in your business?

At Lawyer Marketing, this is the same checklist we go through to make sure our client’s firms are achieving excellence and growing constantly. If you think your practice isn’t growing like you think it should, give us a call and let’s see if there’s a way we can help.

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