What Is Social Media?

Social Media is a group of tools and social platforms that allow people, groups, and businesses to connect with one another and exchange information. In today’s culture, social media is used as a virtual community to communicate regarding some of the latest news, trends, and topics.

Why Is Social Media Important To A Law Firm?

Social media can also be considered as today’s “word of mouth.”

Many lawyers are learning the hard way that their reputation is often an exact reflection of what people are saying on social media. Thus, it is crucial to have your “ear to the ground” when it comes to how others see you – social media is where often where people’s opinions, beliefs, and experiences are most heard and seen.

The internet is becoming the greatest source for where most people spend their free time. As a result, it is essential to take social media seriously and to invest in how you come across in these areas. Many clients are using social media to do their “homework” before considering your services. This is done by looking at your interactions with other clients as well as your reviews from the past. To some clients, if you don’t have social media, it may look like you are hiding your true colors.

How Is It Used?

Social Media has three main purposes: to connect, to communicate, and to gather information. 

This means that your social media page should be used to validate and resource potential clients about your key information and law practice areas. Your social media should not only confirm your ability to help them but also your ability to relate with them. Here are three basic ways in how you can accomplish these three purposes listed above:


  1. Connect With Others – The quickest way to connect with others is to be active and posting frequently. Your social media activity should include posting about recent news, sharing facts about your firm, and interacting with your clients by responding to their questions. It’s also not a bad idea to offer free advice and valuable information about key subjects related to your practice areas.
  2. Communicating Key Actions – In order for clients to trust you, you will have to give them reasons to do so. This means communicating in a way that lets people see your personality. Pictures and Video can be a valuable asset to helping your clients see who you are. It’s also important to let your clients know about your upcoming events and developments.
  3. Gathering Information – Your clients will probably use your Facebook page to get to your website. Thus, your facebook page should be up to date and relevant with what’s on your actual website. Think of your social media account like a dating profile. What pieces of information will your client need before they will give you a call? 

What Most Lawyers Should Use

There are several different types of platforms that can be used in the world of social media. Keep in mind that each of these platforms have different strengths and can be used for different purposes.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Youtube
  • Periscope

What We Can Do To Help You

Our ultimate goal is to handle your law firm’s social media for you. Why? So that you can focus on what you do best.

We will create and then update your social media platforms, make them current, and aligned with your brand and website. We will put together a social strategy that can help you connect best with your clients. Our goal is to reflect the heart of your law firm and then to drive potential and current clients towards to you. We aim to get your brand in front of as many people as possible to drive up your calls, emails, social media likes, video views and more. If you need help with your legal social media strategy, we would love to partner with you. Contact us today to schedule a time to connect by calling (918) 409-2101.