No one in their right mind is going to spend valuable money guessing or hoping they get a great lawyer. Only careless or nieve people do this. People are like machines in the fact that they will buy only what they understand and then trust. And once they find a lawyer they trust, that law firm is in store for a lot of repeat business.
Think about some of the best companies in the world. Apple. Toyota. Red Bull. Target. Mercedes. Coke. Nike. This list goes on. What do they have in common? A consistent brand voice that constantly builds trust. The same is true for the most successful law firms in the world.
The greatest brands in the world have been established and have continued success because they’ve done more than just great advertising. They’ve built a trustworthy voice, they’ve built their personality, and they’ve built a consistent message. Above all else, they’ve built a connection with their consumers and their consumers are extremely loyal.
If you want to see your law practice grow and gain client loyalty, you should consider ways to build trust with others that may be interested in your law services. Taking small steps every single day to build a better law firm brand will help you gain success in the long haul.

How To Make Your Law Firm Trustworthy

Here are some basic tips to help you better market to your audience and gain their confidence.

1. Tell Success Stories

You need to tell others about the process before and then after someone hires your law services. Think of a client that was a wreck before they walked into your law office. You can do this by asking some of your clients to write or to video a testimonial. Or, you can simply just share about one of your touching experiences in your law practice. In either case, you will gain credibility. Share about the difference or value your law practice makes.

2. Get A Voice

Whether it is you lead partner attorney or one of your paralegals, you need a voice or spokesperson for your law firm. This voice should come from the top and should be from someone who knows your law practice the best. You should start by posting regular videos and even a little “here’s a special announcement” video every once in a while. Why is this important? Because this will show your audience that you are approachable and relatable, even from the top down. Keep in mind, lawyers already have the public perception that they are hard to get along with.

3. Be Visible

This has several meanings. First of all, your law firm needs to be easy to find on the internet. Get help with SEO. Secondly, give people a glimpse into your day by posting pictures of your law office, your team, and your environment. Get quality photography. Thirdly, your business needs to have a great brand presentation everywhere – your website, your social media, your videos – all need to look great and professional. Don’t cut corners and hire your neighbor’s teenage son. Hire a professional to help you be presented as a professional. If you take your business serious, then you should take your marketing serious.

4. Give Expert Advice

If you come across as an expert that’s just trying to help, people will gravitate towards your voice. If you help others to better understand your industry as well as your product, you will also find that they will become repeat clients or customers. Content marketing, blogging, or posting regular videos will help with this. A great way to give out some expert advice is by posting industry news or announcements, posting a regular blog about a common issue, or by sharing some encouragement or and uplifting message.

5. Show A Personality

If others like you, then they will trust you. A key way to show others who you are so they will like you is to simply show them you are more than just another business provider. You have a sense of humor, you have a family, and you care about your local community. Showcase anything that may give others a glimpse that you’re a likable human like they are.

6. Be Gentle

It’s usually only a matter of time when you will get a bad review or someone will be putting out a bad word about your business. When this happens, this is a crucial time to hold back from returning fire and instead of showing some grace. This will protect your reputation. Often times, if you respond kindly and ask how you can help, most issues will be solved. Furthermore, if other potential customers see this kind response, you will win them over because of your excellence in customer service and attempt at making a relational connection.

Hire A Marketing Company To Brand Your Law Firm

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