What Is Branding?

Branding is the establishment of your law firm’s name, reputation, image, and overall presentation through marketing strategy. It’s how you differentiate from your competition and it can be defined as the heart and soul of your law firm marketing strategy. Most companies often use logos, colors, slogans, taglines, sound bites, music, a spokesperson, and other elements to stand out and yet also establish a recognizable presence and identity.

Excellent branding consists of immediate recognition and a trusted value in a customer’s view of your company. Good marketing, in partnership with your branding, will help people understand who you are effectively.

How Can You Brand Your Law Firm?

You first have to be recognizable, memorable, personal, consistent, and intentional. You have to create a positive feeling that helps people trust you. Horrible branding leaves you puzzled and asking, “who are they and what do they do again?” A company with lazy marketing and branding is easily invisible. Good branding is simply communicating your company identity and presenting your value in a loud and memorable way. Some obvious ways that you can help your law firm is by:

  • Designing a simple and classy logo
  • Creating a common message and mission
  • Establishing a slogan or tag line with as few words as possible
  • Picking a select color or two
  • Defining your niche practice area
  • Be personable with media, pictures, video


Here Is What We Focus On When Cultivating Your Law Firm’s Brand

Keep It Simple – McDonalds, Nike, Target, Best-Buy, Wal-Mart. These brands are easy to spot because they keep their logo and colors simple. Your logo must be so simple that a child can draw it. Any graphic designer will tell you to stick to simple shapes, single colors, and limited words. Bottom line – keep it super simple.

Be Memorable – Customer experience has a lot to do with someone’s perception of you. If a client can’t think positively about your services, experience, and benefits, then you need to rethink your brand and company product. You want your clients’ best way to remember you as a positive experience. In addition, you want your clients to know your own personal story. This means opening up and sharing about yourself in a way they can relate with. Marketing is often times the first feeling or impression –  make it positive.

Be Personable – Emotions and relational connections play a huge part in how you attract customers. Some of the obvious ways that you can do this telling your story, fulfilling the exact needs of your client, and humor. Great brands also have excellent ability to engage with their customers through social media, video, and client feedback.

Be Consistent – Your reputation is sometimes contingent upon your response time and your ability to answer basic questions. If you can set a consistent precedence for quality customer service, excellent communication, and ease of your service, you will find yourself swimming in business opportunities. Take a hard look at every part of handling your clients to ensure your service is unbeatable.

Be Intentional – Anticipating your clients needs before they occur is a crucial part of serving. Many people don’t just buy a product, but rather, a kind of service. In addition to how you deliver your service, good marketing also involves clearly communicating your clear values and standards.

How Do You Know If Your Law Firm Branding Is Working?

If your clients are buying into your brand, they will show you with their actions, their words, and their wallets. An important key to branding and marketing is to make slight adjustments and then keep a close eye on your results to ensure the effectiveness of your actions. Any type of slip or jump in your results should indicate your brand effectiveness.

Specifically, there are some specific key areas to watch to determine your success:

Phone Calls



Time Spent on Your Website

Social Media Likes and Shares

New Sales

Repeat Sales

Positive Reviews


Get Help With Your Law Firm Marketing and Branding

Lawyer Marketing is committed to the discovery, development, and maturity of your brand. If you are a lawyer and you clearly have no idea where to start, let us help you. We can easily pinpoint your weaknesses and provide practical solutions. From Logo Design and Website Design to Social Media and Pay-Per-Click, our team can help you cultivate the best brand for you. Contact us today at (918) 409-2101 to get your brand moving in the right direction.