About us

We love our jobs. We have a lot of fun. We make stellar products.

Our story at Lawyer Marketing began in 2009. We started our business helping lawyers because we saw a huge gap in effectively marketing for law firms. We noted that lawyers can’t be treated like other businesses and that their specific marketing needs can’t be reduced to just a simple marketing equation or a creative ad. We learned that marketing for lawyers must be done with extreme care and accuracy, personable relationships, and direct lines of communication.

Who Are We?

What we’ve learned

Marketing for lawyers has taught us a lot of valuable lessons, the most important being: lawyers are in the helping business, and thus, marketing lawyers is about connecting people to other people that can help. 

As we have engaged in working together as a team, deeply caring for our clients through hardship and success, we have become a family as a company. We support one another. We pick each other up. We fight for our team. We serve one other. We even bicker from time to time. Most importantly, we stick together and walk in partnership.
As a result of this culture, many of our clients have become an extension of our family. We even hope that you’d be part of our family too. 

What is Our Mission?

Our company mission is to represent law firms and lawyers with marketing excellence, intentional care, integrity, and honor.

What Do We Do?

We work with law firms to raise the bar of their online marketing efforts and help increase exposure, market influence, client engagement, and long-term sustainable growth. 

We specifically empower our lawyers and law firms through helping them in six key areas:

  • Law Firm Branding
  • Law Firm Consulting
  • Law Firm Marketing
  • Law Firm Social Media
  • Law Firm Video
  • Law Firm Website Design
  • Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Why We Do What We Do

It is common that most lawyers cannot afford to pay for a full-time marketing person much less stay up on all the current marketing trends, build their own website, or fine-tune their brand presentation. That’s where we come in. We serve lawyers and law firms with purpose-driven and strategic marketing management so they can stick to what they do best – helping their clients. 

Lawyer Marketing Services now has clients across the United States with consultants across the nation helping attorneys to build their practice.

What We Value

People • Our Clients • Ourselves • Integrity • Excellence • Passion • Creativity • Motivation • Perseverance • Uniqueness • Professionalism • Innovation